What I Do and How I Can Help …

I’ve had the pleasure of providing business technology consulting and coaching now for the better part of 20 years and in those years I’ve had the pleasure of tackling and solving a broad spectrum of problems for businesses of all sizes.

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While each business is different, and each business encounters their own set of challenges, I’ve seen a number of issues, common to each business, repeat themselves.

This blog is being created as a way for me to share with you the questions that I keep getting asked over and over again as well as my answers.

Small or medium sized business owner

I want this blog to be a resource that grabs your attention and touches on questions you may be having now or contains technology topics that you’ve never thought of before but might be interested in. Think of this blog as way to start conversations!

IT Technician or Manager

You might find topics covered here that you are currently wrestling with in your existing IT Environment and we welcome you to use the information here to help you.

Technology Lovers In General

Peruse the topics covered in this blog and find something interesting and have fun learning. I know I have appreciated, over my years, the consultants that have crossed my path that have helped me discover questions that I didn’t even know I should be asking and I see huge value in this.

No one can possibly know everything, nor do I claim to be a consultant who does, however I’ve seen enough questions asked over the last 20 years that I believe there’s great value in putting this information down on paper so that others can benefit from it.

My plan is to put out a new blog posts at least once a week with a different topic of interest each time with more frequent posts to the my different social media properties …I’d love to hear from you as well so please feel free to leave a comment below or reach out using my CONTACT PAGE