It’s Late On Friday, Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

Stop right now and ask yourself this question … if your machine were to go up in smoke right this second would you know where all your data is?

© Brian Jackson - Fotolia

© Brian Jackson – Fotolia

Let’s begin by asking this question another way …

If you were to close the lid on your laptop or turn off your PC right now, do you have another way of getting access to all the data and files that are important to you?

You can begin by asking yourself the following types of questions!

E-Mail : Is your email just downloaded to your computer only? Or is it cloud based account?

Photos : Are all your photos sitting on just your computer only ? Are they also backed up somewhere?

Music : Is all your digital music sitting in iTunes or some other media player?

Documents and Files : Do all these files just live on your computer ? Are they also sitting in a cloud based file sharing service of some sort?

In the end I see it as a real balance between security and convenience

I work in a model where I have backups of everything but I also operate in a model where all of the files and email I work with are also sitting in the cloud … so … I have the “security” of having backups everything plus the “convenience” of having everything in the cloud so I can get at it from either my laptop or any of my mobile devices.

Other people may not need that kind of fluid access at all times and may choose to simply have a single machine and a system of backups for safeguarding their items.

You can systematically move through all the different major areas listed above (E-Mail, Photos, Music, Documents and Files) and go through this simple exercise. Turn the computer off and write out on a piece of paper “exactly” how you would go about getting access to all these items with your computer not being available!

If you can’t, with 100% certainty, answer the question of what you would do to get access to your files and data in this situation then it’s time to make a change and add some “peace of mind” to your life!

Please leave a comment below or, if you have questions or concerns about this with your own technology environment then feel free to reach out using any of the methods on my contact page and I’d be happy to interact with you!

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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