Effective E-Mail Access On The Road … Can It Be Achieved?

Many people love to spend pockets of time on the road catching up on emails, staying organized and getting prepared. Are you set up to take advantage of spare time in the best possible way for this?

© anyaberkut – Fotolia

© anyaberkut – Fotolia

How many of these scenarios have you found yourself in?

#1 : You’re rushing at the office to get an important project organized and started but you’re rushing to catch a flight or get home for an important engagement.

#2 : You’re waiting at an airport and you have a couple of hours to kill at the gate before your flight and you’d like to give people some direction on how to run a project while you’re gone.

#3 : You get to a hotel after a long flight and confirm something you sent to someone before you left the office.

#4 : You’re on the road and you want to check on what’s been said on an email thread that was started both before you left and that continued after you left.

#5 : You sent a flurry of email from your desktop at the office and you grab your laptop before heading out on the road and you want to be able to have full access to all your email communications on the road.

All these scenarios are made much less stressful when you have an effective e-mail system setup that is seamless and allows you maximum flexibility.

Ultimately you want to be able to grab whatever device is closest to you and have it be seamless and you able to pick up where you left off on any other device in your arsenal and be able to be fully functional immediately.

Whether it’s starting an email on a SmartPhone and finishing it on a laptop, or searching for an email on a Tablet and replying to that email from a desktop the point is that your entire email system follows you regardless the device you happen to be using at the time.

To achieve this your email and folders need to be located in a central location with the ability to get at those email messages and folders from multiple devices … this is what people commonly refer to as email being “in the cloud”.

This can be accomplished in one of the following ways :

#1 : Leaving all your email and folders in the mailbox at your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and accessing them from your devices using IMAP instead of POP3

#2 :Leaving all your email and folders in the mailbox on the mail server at your office (if that’s the way your e-mail is setup) and accessing them from your devices using IMAP instead of POP3

#3 : Using a Hosted E-Mail provider like Google Apps for Business or a Hosted Exchange provider and operating all e-mail operations from there.

There may very well be scenarios and/or solutions that I have not included here,  but here’s the main point : With some re-engineering of how your e-mail flow operates and re-learning some ways to work you can indeed achieve a bit of an “e-mail utopia” that is fully functional and allows you an seamless environment whether in the office or on the road.

I would encourage you to have some talks with your IT Department and ask them for help with ways to make your e-mail setup more functional.

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