I recognize that businesses come in all shapes and sizes and everyone has technology needs at one level or another.

No need is too big or too small and, regardless of your need, size of your business or current state of your technology environment, I’ll be happy to “meet you where you are!”

While not an exhaustive list here are some focus areas that I’ve had particular success with over the years.

  • Managed Services – Remote management of the Servers and Desktops in your environment via a small software agent on each device. All major functions such as Microsoft Patching and Updating, Anti-Virus, Preventative Maintenance Routines and Performance monitoring are all automatically managed, scheduled and reported on each month.
  • Online Platform and Social Media Management : Have had much success in managing the online and social media platforms for groups in the Music and Entertainment industry. I’ve managed all aspects of fan engagement and interaction online and enhancing the brands of my clients.
  • Network Infrastructure : Design, Purchase, Installation and Configuration of Servers, Desktops and Networking equipment for the local network.
  • E-Mail and Communications : Migration from Traditional ISP (Internet Service Provider) email systems to cloud based systems for increased mobility access.
  • Network Security : Protecting the local network from unwanted outside access and containment of internal security breaches.
  • Remote Access : Increasing mobility and access for remote workers to be able to get at network resources.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery : Protecting networks and data from both file level loss as well as hardware loss.
  • Collaboration and Team Productivity : Implementation of tools to encourage and promote teamwork and collaboration in a work environment.

If you’re currently experiencing some challenges with your technology environment or are currently considering some changes, either minor or major, and would like me involved or you just have questions and/or want to learn more about what I can do for you, feel free to go to my CONTACT PAGE and choose the most convenient way to reach out and I’ll get right back to you.